Tony Canedo

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My name is Tony Canedo, I'm 27 years old and I graduated from WWU in 2018 with BA with a Marketing Concentration and a minor in Economics. I am currently pursuing my MBA from Easter Washington University. I got my first job right after college in PACCAR Parts as a Volume Sales Coordinator, worked my way up to a VS Specialist, then a Senior VS Specialist and now I am a participant in this company's Leadership Development Program where I spent several weeks rotating through different departments like Product Marketing, Materials & Logistics, Pricing, etc. in order to get a more in depth knowledge of how this company works as a whole.

"I've had the fortune of learning from great teachers and mentors throughout my time as a student and now as a professional, including every single teacher in this staff; and now I would like to pass down some great pieces of advice I have received to the next generation of marketers!"