Officer Applications Now Open:


  1. Email resume & cover letter addressing why you want to join SMA's Leadership Team, why you are qualified, and what you will bring to the team.
  2. Include the top three positions of interest and availability for a Zoom interview.
  3. Zoom interview with June Jeng; an opportunity to communicate strengths and interests.

Email: sma.wwu@gmail.com

Learn about each position (slides from info meeting): 20-21 SMA Officer Application Slide Deck

Contact us with any questions!

Deadline: Friday, May 8th, 2020

Leadership Team

President - Rachel Walsh

Rachel Walsh


Major: Marketing

Minor: User Experience (UX) Design, Spanish

Rachel's LinkedIn


VP of Events - Taylor Santos

Taylor Santos

VP of Events

Major: Marketing

Minor: Spanish

Taylor's LinkedIn

Creative Director - Abigale Coleman

Abigale Coleman

Creative Director

Major: Marketing

Minor: Communications

Abigale's LinkedIn

VP of Finance - Kevin Herriman

Kevin Herriman

VP of Finance

Major: Marketing

Kevin's LinkedIn

Vice President - Devin Doneen

Devin Doneen


Major: Marketing

Devin's LinkedIn


VP of Events - Lia Wielick

Lia Wielick

VP of Events

Major: Marketing

Minor: Spanish

Lia's LinkedIn

VP of Promotions - Marisa Brown

Marisa Brown

VP of Promotions

Major: Marketing

Marisa's LinkedIn


Faculty Advisor - Cat Armstrong Soule

Cat Armstrong Soule

Faculty Advisor

Major: Consumer Behavior

Minor: Psychology, Fine Art, Behavioral Economics

Cat's LinkedIn

VP of Member Relations - Alyssa Herbert

Alyssa Herbert

VP of Membership

Major: Marketing

Alyssa's LinkedIn



VP of Digital Marketing & Web Design - June Jeng

June Jeng

VP of Digital Marketing & Web Design

Major: Marketing & Chinese

June's LinkedIn


VP of Fundraising - Hunter Tripp

Hunter Tripp

VP of Fundraising

Major: Marketing

Hunter's LinkedIn