Madelaine Alkire

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Madelaine Alkire is a Media Services Associate at the marketing agency New Engen. She is a recent graduate from Western Washington University receiving a degree in Business Marketing. Her job is focused on advertising execution for account performance across multiple digital channels. She works closely with the New Engen Creative team to collaborate and drive creative testing frameworks for best performing ad iterations as well as strategic overall account performance. In her day-to-day, she compiles and analyzes data, reports, and summary information to pass along for specific client needs. Madelaine enjoys the challenges and ad hoc environment of an agency while also meeting and growing her network with like-minded marketers. She hopes to continue to grow with her company and to never stop learning along the way.

"As a Western Alum (and former case competition winner), I’m so excited to see the new marketing minds emerge from this competition and to hopefully be a resource and mentor to those beginning their careers in marketing. Go Viks!"