Why SMA?

SMA is here to provide its members with the knowledge and opportunities that will help them excel into a bright and successful future in marketing.

Marketing is a profession shrouded in stereotypes and assumptions to those who don’t fully understand its impact. Some view it as an unethical method of fostering fake demand while others make the surface view observation that marketing is only advertising. SMA, a club passionate about the marketing profession, seeks to educate its members, regardless of academic interest, that marketing is more than what is seen during commercials or what that billboard tells them to buy. This club’s primary goal is to educate individuals on what marketing truly is and how its numerous applications not only drive the business world to great accomplishment but guide individuals to a successful career. By emphasizing this point, we the officers of SMA, seek to give the profession of marketing a more transparent image all while helping others obtain their professional goals.

Weekly Zoom Meetings

Join in on our weekly meeting's every Wednesday 6:30-7:30 on Zoom! With new guests every week, LinkedIn and Resume workshops, and more!

2022 SMA Case Competition

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We host weekly meetings on Wednesday nights from 6:30-7:30 via Zoom & In person in Parks Hall 244

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Every year we have a ton of fun events for our members like bowling, agency tours, our XMC Case Competition, and more!

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Being on the I-5 corridor in between Seattle and Vancouver Bellingham has access to two incredible cities when it comes to Networking. We bring guest speakers from companies and give our members the chance to chat and make connections with those speakers!

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